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The Silent War

‘What fools the nations are to rage against the Lord! How strange that men should try to outwit God’       Psalm 2


On the first Passover, Moshe (Moses) gave the slaves clear instructions, from the Creator on what they should do.

They were to adopt a lamb into their homes for a few days, allowing the family and children to grow fond of it, and then slaughter it on the fourth day at dusk.The blood of the lamb was then smeared around the doorposts.

The spirit of death wound its way through the streets and killed the 1st born of every house that did not have the blood of protection.

This would be the prequel to spiritual drama that was forecast to take place in the future. Yeshua (Jesus) would be the Earths sacrifice that would fulfil the intent of the first Covenant (contract). The first Passover was the ‘birth pains’ or first steps to the creation of Israel as a Nation. The blood shed by the Creators Son enabled a protection over a people that would establish a Heavenly Kingdom. That would in later times descend from the Heavenly realm onto the Earth.

In the ‘Last Days’; known as the ‘wedding feast’ or the Feast of Tabernacles, many people would be living in temporary shelters waiting for the Lords Coming. They will be in the Wilderness, as the Israelites were, and as the Apostles were, because of the new age of slavery and surfdom. Fortunately as in the times of Egypt, as in the times of Jerusalem, and in the times on the New World Order, He will come.


When the Israelites ate the Passover in Egypt, they ate the Lamb with bitter herbs, when the Apostles saw the crucifixion, it was a bitter payment for their freedom.

‘Here is how you are to eat it, with your belt fastened, shoes on your feet and a staff in your hand.’ Exodus 12

They were to to be dressed for a journey.

What is the Passover?

Families were gathered together in their homes in fear, as a silent killer passed over the land.

The Passover was to be remembered, as the Creator had a redemption plan. He does not want his people bound in slavery or lose eternal life. He has a Cure.

The first Passover saved the Israelites from the Egypt and the Son of God freed his disciples from the bounds of Earth. In the third passover His Kingdom will break the seals to a new dimension. Like the Pharaoh, and the Roman Emperor, the New Order will seem unbreakable because fear is a noise that blocks the gentle voice of the Lamb.

The new Covenant that Yeshua gave to His chosen, was  to love in all adversity. The wine became his blood that would be drunk at passover and the bread was his body that was broken for all humans. So they could have Eternal life.


In 2020, this poignant Passover where the virus of death and restrictive laws loom outside our doors. We have time to reflect on where this world was heading. Many Passovers are training ops, but this Passover is exactly like the 1st, but worldwide. This pestilence is to prepare (awaken) for a soon, mass evacuation into the spiritual realm of those that have the mark of the blood of Christ. The 2nd Coming is when Yeshua rather than Moses draws them out of pending doom, known as the Tribulation. It is never to late to get on board.

The 3rd major Passover will take place for those that can endure the New World. There won’t be churches or bibles to guide them. It will be the final call. This is a generation of martyrs that refuse to have the chip inserted into hand or forehead (for trading) or resist the ‘re-education’ programs.



BANNER IMAGE: Red Scarf to call people to Passover, to have a holy communion at home, or full Passover. Either way is correct.


Road trip

With International travel becoming compromised by health and safety travesties, it’s time for a road trip. The last days of Summer, Adelaide Fringe, is an ideal destination. If you have time, take the scenic ocean route, otherwise head inland via the flat farmlands, it may be a rather dull journey but there are a couple of gems on the way, including the regional Art Galleries, a pink lake and a puppet shop. 


Ballarat’s Art  Gallery hosts 11,000 works exploring themes such as Country, Place, Home & Disruption.

Top: ‘A Love Story’ by Emanuel Phillips Fox 1903 & ‘A Football Game’ Russell Drysdale 1945




Established Australian Artist, a Gunditjmara /Yorta man, Josh Muir explores the inner navigation of being an original people within a post Colonial culture. He is an insider and a spectator from both perspectives that would create a quandary, unique to the artists role. It also allows him to quantify insightful concepts.

Salt Lake

The naturally pink lake is a stella stop on the way and a great place for a walk and picnic. The calm rose lake and it’s white shores create a  surreal environment and a nice place to unwind and contemplate.


Puppet shop

Expect the unexpected. After a series of townships that offer the traveller mere basics; bad coffee, fried food and petrol we stumble across the Kaniva Puppet shop! Creative entrepreneurs, find niches and see beyond limitations. The shop and its mini theatre has enhanced the local schools creative agenda.

Fringe Festival

Arriving in Adelaide for the final week of Fringe Festival and enjoying a glass of wine in ‘The Garden of Unearthly Delights’.

It is a temporary village within the garden, where you can see slices of comedy within tents and creative structures. Summer is going down in Australia, but autumn is beautiful.

in Melbourne.