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The churches of the apocalypse

Go into most churches and they’ll tell you that the apocalypse hasn’t begun, apparently it can only start when their theories gel. So it’s business as usual, apart from a few service interruptions, no singing, social distancing, no hugging, no communion and masks, all is well. They’ll even add a little curt remark ‘those conspiracy theorists’.

In 1880 Charles Spurgeon’s Christian revival was overshadowed by Charles Darwin and his monkey ancestor theories. The Church began to fall away and people put their trust this new science that the media and education system embraced. Native people were reduced to ‘primitives’, and many found justification to their prejudice; instead of revelation to their sin, and their need to be redeemed. Sin found legs and walked out of the sea of deception.

Then the wars came and Hitler raised his little head speaking great blasphamies, with an unholy objective of uniting Europe and exterminating Gods chosen people ,the ‘Jews’. There were many Hebrew tribes that made up the 144,000 survivors that went to Israel. Many were slaughtered, 2/3’s of Europes population that never made it. All this was predicted 2000 years before, in Revelation.

In this article, the focus is on the 7 churches of the Book of Revelation. The remaining denominations of this time that are suppose to guide us through these trials. Obviously the Church is a beaten down wreck. Go into any local church and many will walk out none the wiser, however the darker this world becomes, those that have oil in their lamps will shine and the others will fade away.

Each Church denomination has an angel to oversee it, they are to give account of the Church’s progress. Jesus passes judgement onto the Church first, before the secular world are held into account. His church is to face its fate.

Who is the Church?

Is it the building? No! Some of those are yoga studios, flats and discos.

Is it the CEO (Pope etc)? No! Their trial is fixed.

It’s guidance is for those that sit precariously on the pew.


  1. Ephesus

These people are hard workers, that put up with a lot. They don’t tolerate wicked people, they are patient and suffer for God. These efforts have been recognised, but Jesus points out that they are unloving.

Jesus asks them to repent and love more.

If they don’t he will remove them.

If they do! Then they will have access to the TREE OF LIFE in Gods Paradise.

2. Smyrna

This church is poor and has many trials, people slander them, some will go to prison, some may die however, if they stay faithful to God; they will be given the Crown of Eternal Life.

3. Pergamum

This Church is in Satans homeland, the Government is evil, however they remain faithful and don’t submit, even when members die. Their problem is that they are lax in eating food sacrificed to idols and sexual standards.

If they don’t repent, they will get a severe lashing from Jesus

Those that understand and correct themselves will never go without food and their name will be written in stone, permanently before God.

4. Thyatira

This Church is charitable, they are faithful and devoted however they are misled by an promiscious false prophetess that encourages them to eat food sacrificed to idols. Some of her teaching is satanic.

If the followers keep working for Jesus and ignore her, they will become Rulers of Earth’s new morning.

5. Sardis

This church has a reputation of being ‘full of life’ , but it’s dead. There isn’t much going for this Church, other than starting off with some zeal. If they continue this way, they will miss the timing of the 2nd coming.

There are a few that might make it, and they won’t be blotted out of the BOOK OF LIFE.

6. Philadelphia

This Church has deep foundations in the Old and New Covenants. Heavens Gates are open for them. They are not very strong but they keep the Commandments and the Kingship of Jesus, they have endured trials.

When the Tribulation comes they will be spared. They will be honoured highly in the most Holy Temple of God.

7. Laodicea

This is the luke-warm Church, half worldly and half religious. They consider themselves wealthy and are satisfied.

Spiritually they are poor and wretched, naked and blind. They are about to be spat out.

Jesus is outside the Church, knocking, if someone realises and lets Him into their heart, He will renew his relationship with them and they may sit beside Him on His Throne. He rebukes those He loves.

This is His message to the Churches.

(Revelation chapeter 2 & 3.)