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It’s with deep sadness to announce the Death of Bruce, its a very great loss. In his legacy he left recordings of lectures that will be featured in this column.

This unique organic fruit shop has been part of the Ormond Village for over 30 years. The outside walls are papered with food festival and animal rights banners. Stacked on the shelves are jars of organic preserves from small suppliers and health books. You will also find ancient blenders and juicers that Bruce Standish has fixed and are ready for use. His fruit and vegetable range come from the wholesale markets and local gardens.

Bruce is a ready source of information and through-out the day, he can be found leaning on his bench fully engaged in conversations with locals, most Sundays the shop is closed and a health meeting takes place upstairs. He makes numerous copies of Health DVD’s that he encourages people to purchase with their veggies.

In the 60’s, he did a five-year course in Nutrition at an Institute in Geelong and for the duration of the course funds were tight as he lived in a small bungalow without electricity. During his final year of training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, he ‘locked heads’ with the Administration over its structure and this led him to seek a new avenue to teach.

Were you a hippy? MP

“Goodness no, I had no time for that stuff”

He opened his first shop that included an upstairs residence and large backyard, at 723 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick, for $20 per week. This began his new life of trips to the Footscray market and researching alternative health solutions. He began following Dr. Shelton, through books and videos, and reproduces his work for customers.


“ It’s important that people look after themselves by removing the major causes of a problem.. it doesn’t just depend on what they have, but how much they have, too much of a good thing will create the same sort of problems. You need rest, sleep and have proper exercise.”

Bruce’s column will have regular updates as he informs the public with over 50 years of health knowledge.





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