Protect us from evil

The problem with a political Coup, is that the instigators have to move fast, as they are normally a small band of people, draped under the haze of deception. Their aim is to take-over a blind-sided community, city , state ,country or world.

Naunihal Singh who wrote ‘Seizing Power; the strategic logic of Military Coups’ explained the key essentials for a take-over to be successful are;

  1. Seize the MEDIA, make their (fake) news look real and the (real) news look fake.
  2. Give impression that opposition is futile.
  3. The higher the rank of the coups perpetrators,the greater the success.

Coups are resposible for the over-throw of many democratic governments. It is essential to take over major TV stations to broadcast it’s own narrative. News becomes propaganda, ‘experts’ pound the essential message that resistance is futile.

If the take-over involves an anticipated genocide, then it has to be orderly and methodical, keeping the victims calm as they participate in their own destruction. This is how the German, Nazi agenda worked. They sent Jewish families letters to go to the railway station on a certain day, and take only one suitcase. It was so orderly, that Jewish families helped with the packing and often went with them, to see them off. The cattle carriages should have been a clue of where they were heading.

Many asked the question, why did the Jewish people ‘go along with it‘?Apparently, they hoped that if they complied, that things would eventually go back to normal, but normal never came, quite the opposite. They were marked, imprisoned and murdered, many were used as test subjects in medical trials. Six million died. It was a massive de-population of an ethnic group. They also killed, gays,disabled, elderly, children, Jehovahs Witnesses’s (they wouldn’t recognise a different GOD )and sterilised dark skinned people.

Propaganda is communication that is primarily used to influence an audience and further an agenda, which may not be objective and may be selectively presenting facts to encourage a particular synthesis.

Every coup relies on media to broadcast an extensive campaign of misinformation, the media has to be seized and legitimate journalists find themselves out of work. It involves financial backing from a bank, or corporation, an institute that stands to benefit, like a drug company, media organisation, maybe software company, the list is endless; they just have to be rich and want power.

Netflix series the Crown in its 3rd season, explored the Plan Brutus plot to overthrow the Wilson government with a coup led by a royal relative Lord Mountbatten. The Mountbatten character does his research on what is involved in a coup and comes up with this synopsis.

For the take-over to look legitimate or appear constitutional, there has to be A STATE OF EMERGENCY.

“it is essentially a declaration of war on freedom,democracy and capitalism; we are proposing a radical revolution lead by bankers, businessmen and armed forces”

The character lists 5 essential ingredients needed to be successful;

  1. CONTROL media
  2. CONTROL economy
  3. CAPTURE administrations (schools, churches,hospitals etc)
  4. LOYALTY of military
  5. SECURE parliament (arrest PM)

He goes on to add that they would need to;

Shutdown Airports & Train stations

Implement a CURFEW

Declare Martial Law

Grounded planes

This real life drama took place in 1965 and although Wilson survived and remained Prime Minister; our Gough Whitlam, in 1975 was not so lucky.

Australian Govt Whitlam sacked by Queens Representative

There have been instances when a nation killed within its own community. In 1994, Rwandan President Juvénal Habyarimana’s plane was shot down and a murderous campaign ensued to eliminate political opposition by slaughtering the Tutsis population. Ordinary people killed their neighbours with axes.

Street Artist Peter Drew

Why? Because the radio told them to do it!

In retrospect it is understood that had the radio station been taken down. the genocide would have stopped.It was a popular hate fuelled propaganda broadcast that made the popular emotionally charged and irrational. 800,000 people died in 100 days, apparently France was complicit.

Could we be vulnerable?

Could TV and Radio dictate to us, as though it is the Authority, and should it be used to ridicule political office, if it doesn’t comply. Is this what Orwell referred to?

What would a world government look like, what would be it’s agenda? Well, it would have to send small radical groups to lobby Parliament known as NGO’s, until it could step into its role. A state of Emergency and media proclaiming that the countries elected Prime Minister is not working as hard and fast as the very important ‘world authority’ (most likely German) expected them to.

For instance, if some of the NGO’s rational is not in keeping with national security, public health, the protection of children etc, then a rational statesman, like an Australian PM might be hesitant.

What about the states?

Horror Movie It’s the 6.30 news For the killin’ and the hatin’
Switch on the station, oh yeah
They do a lotta sellin’
Between the firin’ and the yellin’
And you believe in what they’re tellin’, oh yeah

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