What is HDL?

Baker IDI Breakthroughs


Baker IDI is a conspicuous building, next to the Alfred hospital in Commercial Rd, Prahran. It has been researching diabetes and heart disease for 90 years. They were the first to distinguish between Type 1  and Type 2 diabetes and proved that healthy food and lifestyle can curtail the disease. An improved diet can prevent the escalation into, the very harmful, Type 2. This is just one of their world renown breakthroughs. They work closely with the Alfred Hospitals, Heart and Lung Transplant team.

Baker IDI, Professor Bronwyn Kingwell, claimed that HDL cholesterol  has an important role in glucose and fat metabolism. HDL is an active player in glucose intolerance of the metabolic syndrome, and is critical to the rising epidemic of diabetes and its dramatic impact on cardiovascular disease. Continuing research will examine whether prolonged HDL elevation produces a sustained benefit on blood glucose control which may translate to a new therapeutic approach in the prevention and treatment of Type 2 diabetes.


Good cholesterol helps eliminate these fats from vessels and tissues to prevent blockages in blood vessels.

Kingwell has had a long association with the National Heart Foundation (NHF) of Australia in community heart health advocacy with a special interest in healthy lifestyle.

What is HDL?

It’s important to raise your high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. HDL is a scavenger that removes harmful cholesterol from the bloodstream, High  levels reduce the risk of heart disease.

HDL can be increased by regular exercise and choosing food that aids health such as, fiber, avocado, olive oil, nuts and fatty fish such as salmon.

Although ‘good cholesterol’ is a topical kitchen conversation, its discovery was a local initiative. Extended life is regarded as a financial negative in Australia whereas it should be regarded as a remarkable humane achievement. Major breakthroughs are taking place in our city.

The less we add to food the healthier the food is likely to be, the raw product is most likely the best choice. Labels on food are like warning signs, for example E460’s are generally forms of cellulose. They are used as a food additive to improve physical qualities such as smoothness and creaminess.

E461 – Methyl cellulose E462 – Ethyl cellulose E463 – Hydroxypropyl cellulose E464 – Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose E465 – Methylethyl cellulose E466 – Carboxymethyl cellulose

Cellulose is a commercially prepared from wood and is a non soluble, that can be fermented in the large intestine. Large concentrations can cause intestinal problems, such as bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. Due to this fact, it can not be used in weaning foods.

One could spend two hours in the supermarket with their smart phone checking labels or we can go directly to the Vege shop. Primary school children are being taught to grow their own food. The aging population are blamed for clogging health care but the real culprit are the major food corporations.




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