As a writer, scribe or journalist, one of the tasks is to inform,on some level. Driven by a desire to investigate and feed back to the whole. When I hit the streets and attend rallies or openings, I am on the outside looking in. At an Art exhibition or Cabaret, the vision or show has to be felt and appreciated within an artistic basis. When warnings come in dreams and are confirmed in the natural world, then I have a responsibility to inform the City. If I don’t, I will be held accountable.

The re-occuing theme that kept me awake at nights was of planes bombing our City and the threat of chemical warfare, for 2 years straight is has not dissipated.  Each morning before work, I went to Ormond Point to pray for our City. Many people intuitively feel anxious, but don’t know why. The power of a warning is to change the event or prepare. I want these dreams to be wrong.


For last 2 years I felt a warning that we should wear masks. When the chemical plants caught on fire I thought that was why. When the fires darkened the sky, I thought that was the reason. Now we know why..COVID-19.


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