Pray for your City
From 2017-18; I felt a warning that we should wear masks. When the chemical plants caught on fire I thought that was why. When the fires darkened the sky, I thought that was the reason. Now we know why..COVID-19.


REVELATION for the final generations

(May 2021)

AUSTRALIA stands in good stead with YHWH, that is not altogether bad. Sexually we are a mess, shutting out loyalty and faithfulness . Aboriginal people are still treated as outsiders, forgetting we were outsiders; our ancestors were brought here in chains, even orphans were.

We were dumped here, and it became our home and our refuge. To protect our freedoms we fought in shocking wars, and many of our sons died.

YHWH has cast a favourable eye in our direction. We were the ANZACs in WW1 and we became a refuge for those that survived the German Wars.

War will come. It is written, and like a grey cloud , will come very close; but a war at sea will avert it.

Glory to YHWH and HOLY is His name, and in Yeshua we are saved.

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