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A Snippet of the Fringe

Three Artists, three stages, 3 fabulous hours

‘Existentialism the uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent universe, regards human existence as unexplainable, and stresses freedom of choice and responsibility for the consequences of one’s acts.’




Simon Godfrey’s Dadaistic comedy is a complex ,high energy, minimalist work, marked by the absurd.

“Let us take the rest of Ukraine”

There are over a dozen characters in Simon Godfrey’s ‘Sauce’, each distinctive and brilliantly performed, in his one-man show. He needs nothing more than his imagination to bewitch. Godfrey turns a condiment into a high stakes adventure. He is a force.



If you can fix a pipe are you an old man or a little girl? Jessica McKerlie ‘throws a spanner’ into gender prejudice. What defines our sexuality, is it our body or our mind? Can a woman who believes she is a man become a transsexual? McKerlie challenges the status quo of being, in a solo show. It’s an exploration into our humanity, told with tricks and slips.

“Don’t confuse my sex with my gender”

Her eyes flash into the souls of the audience as she keeps them tittering on the edge.

“Thank you for letting me label you.”



Andi Snelling got a standing applause for her solo performance, as a girl growing through the banal experiences that ‘rocked her world’. The witty script compounded a couple of decades with multi-media and song, whist exploring the philosophy of time and self. Snelling mocked the self-indulgence of the autobiography, that the audience related to, with bursts of laughter.

“Guess what? I found four dollars at Timezone!”

It was a beautifully crafted work, packed with clever charm and brilliant timing.

Banoffee; Melbourne’s ‘IT’ Girl

Singer, songwriter Martha Brown alias Banoffee, has a lot going on. Last years debut self-titled EP made it certain that 2014 was back to back, with national and international tours, including Byron Bay’s Splendour in the Grass, New York’s CMJ and Melbourne’s Sugar Mountain Festival. Currently, she is taking a break in Paris before she returns home for her October tour and the launch of a fashion line.


It’s an exciting  and busy time for our local talent. Melbourne Press spoke to her, she was effervescent and warm, with an intelligent direction.

“ I wanted to make music that satisfied me.” B

She has incorporated R & B, Electronic and Country Music into her work.

“I love the story telling of country music , I wanted to combine a couple of genres together to express myself and that is how Banoffee came about.”B

Ninja was the first song that she released which explores the turbulence of the love hate relationship we have with ourselves and with others.


“I don’t want to do this pop thing where I pretend that I’m happy and do all these things that I’m not. So I write about something that is personal. Ninja is quite metaphoric.Some of it is about a relationship; but its mostly about, our relationships, as humans, with ourselves. How we beat ourselves up and can be our own worst enemy. It’s to help and try to overcome the dark feelings and dark times and turn that inner critic around….Lets stand up for ourselves” B

Her current releases explore and experiment with vocal techniques.

“I like to play around with freezing and make more dynamic sounds with vocals, I have a lot of fun using the pedals on stage and in recording.”B

‘Banoffee’s interests in creativity and the arts has made her an increasingly sought after style figure’

Banoffee is releasing a 10 piece clothing range in November under Melbourne Fashion lable, Pageant (Winners of 2015 Tiffany & Co Award). It’s a summer range inspired by all the tracks on the CD.

“I like to have fun with my style, going out is fancy dress for me. The main thing with fashion, for me, is to have fun and be comfortable.”B

Many of her film clips and photo shoots feature her neighbourhood in Clifton Hill. She is nurtured by her personal surroundings and influential sister, Hazel. The internet has favoured her.

“It a medium (internet) you have no control over, It’s the luck of the draw. When I first released Ninja, I was with a small record label but they worked very hard for their artists.They did a really good job at spreading my music through places like Soundcloud.”B

This is her time to shine but she’s no ‘flash in the pan’, pop princess. Banoffee has a tenacity and is a genuine artist

Raw Talent

What do the Opera Singer, Alannah Woods; Golfer Luke Mills and Actor Charlotte Watson have in common? They are young, keen and talented. IMG_2710 


Alannah is a Music Graduate,currently learning the craft of Musical Theatre, there is a pure clarity in her voice that can move strangers to tears. Her first taste of the Art was listening to Phantom of the Opera. Despite early bouts of Asthma she plunged into her artistic metamorphose with sheer will and purpose. She refused to take medication in order to protect her voice

“Do you want to sing or breath” Doctors asked her.

IMG_2705_2“Sing” Alannah answered

There is nothing like an obstacle to rise a human to new heights, Alannah worked out a voice friendly medication and moved forward. Her voice is remarkable. She is from the remote town of Albany WA and yet she knows of two other young Opera singers that have emerged from there.

“I just love the feeling I get when I’m singing and the joy it brings to other people”


Luke’s office is the Victorian Golf Club, come rain or shine he is on the course. He flew in from WA three years ago to join the Australian College of Elite Golf, his handicap at the time was 3, it is currently nil. He has been under par and finished the course with 68 strokes thrice.

Luke has stripped down to his underwear and taken the odd dip in the lakes of Perth courses, when funds were tight and he needed balls.

Born in England, his father was soccer pro and played for Chelsea. He loves golf and is moving forward into the professional sphere.He is currently considering the sponsorship options available to head to Asia in 2016 for the Tour School. He is keen to turn Pro, it’s in the blood.



Charlotte is starting that rocky path to stardom. She has graduated with a hand full of high distinctions; she just has to play them right.

She aims to emulate the cool chic of actors like Kate Blanchett and John Malkovich; she adores their talent, intelligence and work ethic. Her heart sways between drama and comedy but she is singularly drawn to quality.

For four years she was involved with Theatre Sports.

She loves her Art and has ordered morning coffees in drag, for a play of course!

She has performed in ‘The Just’,’ Metamorphosis and 12 Knights. Her teeth are cut and she is ready to bite.

The Mother of Stunt Man

“Never say never to Jade.” Jan explains

Jan’s son, Jade Amantea constantly tests the boundaries of fear, he is a stunt man who loves risk. She has learnt to deal with the lifestyle that her son has chosen. She is proud of his achievements and knows that he is living his extreme life with pure satisfaction.

Stuntman Jade

Jade’s career began as a teenager when he debuted on the TV program, Neighbours. Since then, he has jumped off buildings and drove recklessly through a catalogue of blockbusters. Jade Amantea is known for his work on Knowing (2009), The Wolverine (2013) and Predestination (2014). He is currently in Queensland with Johnny Depp working on the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The path Jade chose did not come without personal challenges and a crisis. As a child Jade had asthma but he did not let this prevent him from attending gymnastics, an activity that his mum encouraged. It was when he was practising somersault stunts, on a trampoline, that Jade twisted and fell badly on his leg.

His mother got the shocking news and demanded that no surgery be done on him until she could locate the best medical professionals to perform the operation. It was a delay that saved his leg. The surgeon told Jade that he would have to choose another career but he was resolved, to have a full recovery.

“It was through his determination, the support of his family, his girlfriend Stephie and his physio that he got back to where he was.” Jan sighs.

Jan is acutely aware of the risks that her son embraces. She winces when she sees him on fire, run down buildings and jump through basketball hoops. It’s not the life of an average mother.

“Its nerve racking but I’m very proud of him” Jan calmly states.

He began driving on his grandfather’s knee, back at the farm, where Jan grew up. He had his first motorbike when most children were given pushbikes. When Jade drives his mum, he likes to tease her with the occasional spin. Jan has learnt to hold on.

“He is a great driver, he can drive anything.” She states proudly.

Jade grew up in an environment that allowed him to develop strong physical ability. Jan encouraged his gymnastics, and continues to advocate it as an activity for children; she prefers it to group sports. It does not require a dependency on others and helps build children’s self esteem.

“Every kid should do gymnastics, they learn how to fall; how to look after their bodies and what muscles they have.” She explains.

Jade lives in the fast lane and loves it. His family and friends support him, and watch his feats with their hearts racing.

(photo courtesy of Jade Amantea)