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In the Ring

The AFL Grand Final was held interstate and the race that stops a nation is now an empty event.

Melbournians emerged into the sunlight, after the best sports part of a year in the dark; few know how the Australian Open will play out. However, a heavy weight boxing match of Giants has been taking place right before their eyes, and many have missed it.

In the first corner, we have the heavyweight; a man of muscle that has been known to do some shifty moves in his time.The BIG M.

The Fringe Contender is a qualified opponent, who has worked his way up the ranks in order to challenge for the world title; a silent achiever known as MR A.

Although both are Australians, the BIG M, likes the multi-platform, he is a world player. MR A, is a local lad and an international sweetheart. Big M comes out and the audience boo and hiss, the band plays a tune and the balloons rise for the Champion title holder. He is a tad fat, from lack of contest and luxuriously living. He is renown for the cork-screw punch.

Mr A , although reserved and skinny,  is a bit of a Sugar Ray Robinson, he packs a pound for pound punch. The media is clearly on his side, hoping for a new champion, however they are on BIG M’s payroll. It’s an nail biting event.

The crowd chants “FREE ASSANGE” and the white gloved Murdoch mob in Hugo Boss wink.

In the Murdoch corner, the Globalists unpack their Agendas 21 & 30, de-population, full-term abortion, surveillance for protection and global warming. Its clear that BIG M has a hard sell but a space mission to a desert planet, pumps up the pitch.

Its a ‘rabbit punch’!

MR A’s, secret family, Stella and the boys, fret from the front row, its not looking good. Mr M releases the upper-cut, the famous ‘sex scandal’ morsel. The crowd love it and now they gnash their teeth at the lad from OZ. The BBC shift sides. as Assange is thrown off balance and can only ‘shoe-shine’ his opponent.

Whistleblowers of conscience sneak out of the arena as their star is dragged off the ring in handcuffs. Those that continue doing evil, will now continue to do evil, as the only 4th Estate, the underdog is cut off and behind bars. 

Opening the Vault

Assange has got ‘no names’, despite the torture that has ‘shopworn’ his fight. The frozen media abandoned him or are no more,( some states don’t have staff ). He’s on the ropes. The nation is on the ropes.

The whistleblowers hide. The voice for the innocent is cut.

‘It’s NO DECISION’, the press banter.


Spring Snow

The Victorian Snow Fields experienced a long season with full coverage to delight skiers that could enjoy skiing in fine weather.


The lure of fun on the slopes draws Melbournians out of the urban web and into the quiet melancholy of a country morn. Off to Buller for three glorious days.


‘Another crystal clear and sparkling day here on the mountain.  It will climb to 9 degrees today so will feel delicious in the sunshine.  SPF your nose, get out early for the crunchy snow and enjoy a mild Spring day’

Snow borders spend more times on their behinds than those that prefer the dual drive, however the competent make it look easy and provide entertainment for those moments between chair-lifts.

Mount Buller is Melbourne’s closest mountain and locals claim that this is the best season they have had since 1986. The easy access encourages families but I would not recommend it as a learners destination due to its steep drops, the green runs turn into blue runs and spill into black runs. No matter how green you are, you will find yourself on an advanced run to make your way to a lift, back up the mountain. The ‘Family Run’ is a blue run with sharp black drops. If you suffer from vertigo head off to the Burnt Hut or the Mercedes Run but for those that love a black run with speed and tight turns this is your mountain.

Most Ski parents have no comprehension of danger and some take their kids to the Summit. The offspring of snow mums learn to ski when they can walk, or as one mum explained, “when they are out of nappies”. Toddlers and children follow their Ski teachers like ducklings.

The major flaw of this field is the disconnect between sections of the mountain that involve a trek that makes it more difficult for the snowboarders. There are sections where a T-Bar would be a convenient link. For time-out the Mercedes Hut offers a lounge, fresh water, chill out music and phone charges and there are also cafes and bars for a break, or a glass of wine on the home run.


The Buller advantage is the 300 hectares of coverage and 22 lifts to take you there.


The Man who United our Nation

The Lonely Hero


Lionel Rose was unaware of the National Pride that he had evoked. When the plane landed back in Melbourne in 1968, thousands of well dressed white people cheered from the tarmac and balconies to welcome home the Aboriginal Star. A convertible was parked awaiting his arrival.

” Who are all these people waiting for ?” Rose asked the Air-hostess. He thought that maybe a The Beatles had arrived at Essendon Airport.

“You” she replied.


Lionel Rose was a National Boxing Hero after he won the Bantamweight Title by beating Masahiko ‘Fighting’ Harada, the Japanese Champion in Tokyo.

People had sent gum leaves over to Japan in support of the young boxer.

Lionel Rose was propped up at the back of the convertible so that the roaring crowd could get a good look at him and shake his hand as he passed. A ticker-tape parade down Swanston Street had been arranged, and the street was lined with 100,000 Melbournians, cheering the Aboriginal man. He went on to become The Australian of the Year in 1968.


Aboriginal people had been granted Australian Citizenship in 1967 which meant that Rose could obtain a passport, buy land and obtain legal rights. The constitutional Referendum, to allow Aboriginals rights, was voted in favour by 90.77 of the population, on the 27th of May. Rose won the Title on 26th of Feb, which meant that the 19-year-old had been an Australian Citizen for 9 months. Rose was a Celebrity for both Aboriginals and Caucasians, when the fight against racism was still on shaky turf.

Rose was the first Original Australian to be named Australian of the Year. When accepting the award, he said;

“One hundred and eighty-two years ago one of my mob would have been a dead cert for this.” (