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A tragic summer, as the fire burns through the land. How grateful we are for those that step-up and help. For those that pray & fast its time to do more. For those that can donate, please do so.


BUSHFIRE RELIEF: Anyone who wants to support victims of the bushfires to make a monetary donation to the organisations currently on the front line. These are the Australian Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Vinnies, Foodbank Victoria and state-based fire brigades, such as the CFAThese organisations have stressed that, at this time, the best way to support is with money.


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Poster Boy, new book by Artist Peter Drew
Life in the Suburbs in music
NGV Art Gallery
also Crossing Lines Nov 29 -Apr 20 
New York 80's Artists                 
Basquiat & Haring
Animal rights

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Animal Protection
ST KILDA ethical shopping

Acland Street

Donate Baby items in good condition to:

Please contact,, or if you are a social service agency or Maternal & Child Health Nurse who requires baby or children’s items for a family in crisis. 
Fred Hollows Foundation; restoring sight to the blind.
All writers express views that are independent of any 3rd party.
 Editor  Sophie Black
Journalist & Photographer: A Forward 

 OZ rules commentary: Mr.D & Seb; 

Roaming Reporters: K Shield; A. Woods; 
S. Hartil;  Nakul Vohra; S Pincombe



Photographs can be purchased but not reproduced without permission.


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  1. Thank – you April on the fabulous write up about my art exhibition ‘Contrasts’. You have such a great writing style & I look forward to reading more of your articles in the near future. I will definitely be spreading the word about your blog. Keep up the awesome work 🙂


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