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A Night with the Magician

The Mystica

David Stewart is the gentle observer looking into the mystic, the place outside of us. It’s a blend of science and intuition. He tunes into the mind waves of the audience and has a high success rate of accuracy.

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The highlight of the show was when he asked three people to sit down if his was able to decipher the words they held and projected with their minds. They all sat down.

Before the show at the Butterfly Club, Melbourne Press talked to Stewart next to an ornamental bar in a corridor. As we chatted a line started to form and people were handing over tickets. As a joke we collected the tickets, and then handed them back. It was an uncanny display of perception.

It was the death of a family member that sparked his interest in the unknown. Many can move on, but others linger and wonder. Stewart attends many festivals, once for some alone time,  he ventured up a hill and was confronted with the spirit of the person he was missing. This reassured him that his life was on the right path.

“Do you trust me?” he asks an audience member.

Why should we trust you? MP
‘Knowing what makes other people tick, you probably shouldn’t… But hopefully my honesty is trustworthy’. Stewart.

Trust is not easily won but when authenticity is involved, the guard does drop. Stewart is on tour from England, he is interested in the ground work of Ancient Mediums and adds Psychology and Hypnosis into the mix.

“Dreams are extremely significant it’s where we spend eight hours of our waking life, we’re still conscious in our dream state and they tell us valuable lessons, where we are supposed to go in the future and even predict our future and give us guidance….Its more than writing them down, it’s taking an active role, being part of themStewart

Stewart emphasises the need to be an active participant in your creation of life. Each of us is given a blank canvas and its up to us what we create. It begins in our subconscious, it requires all our roaring energy (don’t subdued it with alcohol or drugs), think it, believe it, push your energy forward and ‘hickory dock’ “POW! Here comes your manifestation, your future!

What are your dreams? MP
‘I want to see the world; creating, making, everywhere I go’ Stewart

Life is an important place to explore; get on with it.