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The menagerie of hope, work and desire


To be a victim of crime is a long road to recovery. To return to the just world and hang on dearly to the laws that make our society safe, is a tonic. How hard is it for the innocent to be destroyed and murdered by the Law. Where do they go to recover, if they can?

Ironically it is the free that are in danger of incarceration, the hippy, the ‘happy go lucky negro’, the hillbilly; bohemian to some, misfits to others, and ironically these trapped and injured souls bring beauty and faith to death row in Texas. IMG_2950 It’s a difficult topic to portray, un-fair executions of innocent people in a play.

They succeeded. They warmed the audience, and brought them thoughtfully through the menagerie of  tortured innocence, without bombarding them. This tight-rope of entertainment and serious consideration, was handled remarkably well. The audience smiled and laughed, as their empathy rose to the occasion.

“I wish you a long and happy life” the murdered girl from Peter Jackson’s movie, Lonely Bones claims sweetly.

It’s the sentiment of this beautiful play, I have suffered (so much) but I wish you well. There is a faith within the heart of the wrongfully accused, who are marked for death. IMG_2962The full attendance at the Chapel off Chapel clapped with vigour at the closing scene. Dig deep, life is not a luxury or an accessory it is the road to the infinite.

Performance Management

IMG_2787According to the Ringmaster Scott Hollingsworth there are four key worker traits; the acrobat who is the worker that jumps from task to task, the juggler often known as the multi-tasker, the CEO who takes charge and an appendage known as the clown. IMG_2806 The diplomatic play between manager and clown is a slippery slope of comic proportions, trying to work the unworkable in a PC office. Comedian Hollingsworth has the answer; it’s a whip and a little tune.

It’s a Brilliant performance. The Artists day job is ballooned into a seriously funny show at the Butterfly Club,it’s a must see.

IMG_2815How does a manager cope with the unmovable employee suffering from chronic hypochondria and tennis elbow from endless handballing?

“It wasn’t my fault alright” the clown proclaims.

The recruiting phase is a Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll routine where what you see is all you wont get. The resume, the training, and availability LIES LIES and more LIES. Ode to the trainer, glory to the paid untrained. As in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one has to weed out the brats. It’s a fabulously funny show,

Lady Liberty


Amelia Ryan packs a case full of neurosis, hope and sex, which she unloads, by exploding into song. She has been searching for Liberty from Vegas to Adelaide.

“Who feels Alive?”

She is busting at the seams with life. Her show is sexy, smart and warm; the audience is charmed by her Bombo glam.

“Express yourself bitches!’

Amelia stares down controversy, to her Lady Liberty is a brave bold leader.

It’s a musical affair with Matthew Carey gracing the piano, as Amelia spouts cutting edge rhetoric, with a superb voice.IMG_3262

“Every time I hit the high notes an Angel falls”

She gels firmly with her audience singing pop songs that she has rewritten into comic lyrics. They  sing along with happiness that she has poked and evoked.

She wants to abandon her wild ways and find peace, it’s hard work so she succumbs to the weekend binge that spirals into guilt and remorse. She is fighting for truth, with all of her shadows. She wants it all and she wants it now !

Beau Heartbreaker

She’s a really nice bloke.

IMG_3446Selina Jenkins animates her character through expression, tales and song.

There is no fire, but it feels like there should be, there is an intimacy. The strumming guitar and heart-felt tunes told in a beautiful voice add to an outback ambiance. The audience laughter is triggered by subtle and poignant lyrics, we could be here for days.

There is a happy balance of country logic and wacky nuances. He is country through and through and she is cutting edge.

“Certainty is…I’m not quite sure anymore”

IMG_3439Beau takes us through the world with new eyes. It is an intelligent conversation with the audience with endless trap-doors of humour. The laughter is contagious, it spreads and spares no-one.

Turn off computers, the phones, T.Vs and radio, then come to the fireside and listen to yarns told by Beau Heartbreaker a dairy farmer.


The Exonerated appeal


Now all the criminals in their coats and their ties
Are free to drink martinis and watch the sun rise
While Rubin sits like Buddha in a ten-foot cell
An innocent man in a living hell.
That’s the story of the Hurricane,
But it won’t be over till they clear his name
And give him back the time he’s done.
Put in a prison cell, but one time he could-a been
The champion of the world. (Bob Dylan)

The Exonerated portrays a world of brutality coinciding with human triumph and transcendence.

The Sol III Company is a theatrical company founded due to its affiliation with Rubin Hurricane Carter and his work with wrongfully convicted prisoners and prisoner rehabilitation initiatives. The company uses the medium to raise awareness and much needed funds for programs in prisons in the U.S.A and Australia, and also aids with the legal costs of exoneration of the wrongfully convicted – most notably David McCallum III (pictured) who was exonerated after wrongfully incarcerated for 29 years.

“In 2013, I made my global journey to meet with Rubin & my beloved friend, David McCallum, at Otisville Correctional Facility in New York,” said Sol III Company Founder & Artistic Director, Andrei Schiller-Chan. “After many years of exchanging letters with David and emails with Rubin’s team, I was about to meet a man who changed my life, despite the fact he was living behind concrete and barbed wire.

The play focuses on the triumph of the human spirit trapped wrongfully within the prison industrial complex.

Andrei Schiller-Chan brings a transcendental philosophy to the theatre, seeking to create a world of empathy for another’s suffering and generate positive change and communication to right wrongs. His close friendship with David McCallum serves as the inspiration for this production.