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In the Ring

The AFL Grand Final was held interstate and the race that stops a nation is now an empty event.

Melbournians emerged into the sunlight, after the best sports part of a year in the dark; few know how the Australian Open will play out. However, a heavy weight boxing match of Giants has been taking place right before their eyes, and many have missed it.

In the first corner, we have the heavyweight; a man of muscle that has been known to do some shifty moves in his time.The BIG M.

The Fringe Contender is a qualified opponent, who has worked his way up the ranks in order to challenge for the world title; a silent achiever known as MR A.

Although both are Australians, the BIG M, likes the multi-platform, he is a world player. MR A, is a local lad and an international sweetheart. Big M comes out and the audience boo and hiss, the band plays a tune and the balloons rise for the Champion title holder. He is a tad fat, from lack of contest and luxuriously living. He is renown for the cork-screw punch.

Mr A , although reserved and skinny,  is a bit of a Sugar Ray Robinson, he packs a pound for pound punch. The media is clearly on his side, hoping for a new champion, however they are on BIG M’s payroll. It’s an nail biting event.

The crowd chants “FREE ASSANGE” and the white gloved Murdoch mob in Hugo Boss wink.

In the Murdoch corner, the Globalists unpack their Agendas 21 & 30, de-population, full-term abortion, surveillance for protection and global warming. Its clear that BIG M has a hard sell but a space mission to a desert planet, pumps up the pitch.

Its a ‘rabbit punch’!

MR A’s, secret family, Stella and the boys, fret from the front row, its not looking good. Mr M releases the upper-cut, the famous ‘sex scandal’ morsel. The crowd love it and now they gnash their teeth at the lad from OZ. The BBC shift sides. as Assange is thrown off balance and can only ‘shoe-shine’ his opponent.

Whistleblowers of conscience sneak out of the arena as their star is dragged off the ring in handcuffs. Those that continue doing evil, will now continue to do evil, as the only 4th Estate, the underdog is cut off and behind bars. 

Opening the Vault

Assange has got ‘no names’, despite the torture that has ‘shopworn’ his fight. The frozen media abandoned him or are no more,( some states don’t have staff ). He’s on the ropes. The nation is on the ropes.

The whistleblowers hide. The voice for the innocent is cut.

‘It’s NO DECISION’, the press banter.