Fun times in Melbourne

The Show is back in Town, the Comedy Festival is one of the highlights of the year, after a  Summer of Concerts, Cricket and Tennis; Autumn kicks off with footy and Comic irony.


Venues pop up all over, utilising theatres, pubs and clubs but demand for space will take the public into the more secretive sites of our town; the Lithuanian Club, the Chinese Museum and the Trades Hall, adding a historic ambiance to the footpath shuffle.

Michael Shafer follows up on his 2017 performance Jewish-ish with this years serving of ‘Kosher Bacon.’  Last year Shafer poked fun of his Jewish roots and this year he combed over, with a classier take in a show that was tight and complete, understanding the muddy shallows of millennium romance. As Shafer’s comic maturity grows, so does his ability to deliver a smooth and complete performance. Laughter rippled over the crowd through-out the entire performance.


Last years show was from a Gentile perspective and this year he was playing to a home-crowd, but in the final quarter he turned a metamorphic corner in his comic perspective, promising more to come.

“Heartwarming and quirky” Audience member

“This show has established his path, he is way beyond the operational side of things, he’s found his form.” Audience member 


KOSHER BACON MICHAEL SHAFER Trades Hall 29 March – April 22, 8:15pm (7:15pm Sun no Wed)

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