The return of the King


Every one is waiting for the ‘Passover’ in a world preparing for War.

“I’ll be OK!”

Jews and Christians are reminded that the blood of the lamb on the door-post prevented the angel of death from entering. In ancient Egypt, even the Egyptians could protect their Children by this strange act. What guardian can protect the innocent in a Nuclear Age?

The Jews, the Christians, the Secular, the Agnostic and the Pagans can all agree, that the world is limping, threatening to fall-over. Something is wrong. For Christians and Jews, both are expecting the Messiah, very soon. The King is expected to arrive from the East and invite those that are waiting to enter into the gates of heaven, before they are locked.

Fundamentally, the Bible is prophetic, it explains events thousands of years before they begin and most have been fulfilled. The final act takes place in our life-time and the Clock began in WW1.

When Moses (Moshe) was born there was a mass genocide of baby boys to prevent a Hebrew from rising up as a Prince that would divide and ultimately destroy Egypt. Moses introduced humans to a living GOD. When Jesus (Yeshua) was born, there was a genocide  of children under the age of 2 to prevent the birth of King that would divide and ultimately drive the Jews into Diaspora. Jesus led humans into a Spiritual realm where only believers could see or understand. This ‘begs the question’ who were the Nazis trying to stop with the Holocaust in WW2 and why did they call themselves the Third Reich?

In Melbourne the Holy Week for Jews and Christians takes place in Autumn, in the Holy City it is Spring, both herald times of change.


‘Like wild animals, they come and devour,

yes, like animals from the forest!

All the Watchmen are blind, they don’t know anything.

They are like watch-dogs that don’t bark

Lying there dreaming, loving to sleep.

Greedy dogs, never satisfied.

These leaders have no understanding

they all turn there own way, each intent on their own advantage.

Come I’ll get some wine, we will be drunk on strong liquor!

Tomorrow will be like today, in fact, it will be even better!


Isaiah (Yesha’yahu) 56.9-12

Dramatic portrayal of Revelation










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