Melbourne advertised itself as the most liveable City; the Cocky’s heard about it and have been flocking to town to get a piece of the action.

As the native birds move in, the rivals get moved on.

A short time ago the Albert Park lake would stage Coroberees and Aborignals from all over, would come on by and party, then the settlers moved in. They found a small triangle of land, a traffic island, in Fitzroy Street but the Grand Prix moved in and they had to move on.

Eventually all will have to adapt or move out, as rents and house prices rise and wages remain fixed. Melbourne has become unaffordable. The Artists that set this town on fire, can not afford to pay for Gallery space or a place. Its the wall and the floor.

Lygon Street was once the Art Place, then it was Rathdowne St, then Fitzroy Street and then Smith Street, then the apartments, then the noise regulations and the party had to move on. Artists are paid a minimum wage to wait on the new cliental that have moved in, as they move out.

The remnant of a Melbourne that was, a Yarra River the Aboriginal people bathed in, a bay alive with sea life. All the water is turning brown, like wormwood. Its not the tourists or the immigrants, its the shark-life feeding on their spoils.fullsizerender-333.jpg

Melbourne is becoming unaffordable, its the cycle of feast and famine, culture and decadence and its happened before and will happen again. Albert Tucker bemoaned it, Archie Roach remembered it and this labour day, there won’t be a flag.



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