Metamorphosis with Eyes


Originally from a small town in South Australia, Joshua Fielding describes his art as a form of social connection.


Fielding is inspired by the surrealists and cites Salvador Dali as one of his major influences. His work is more stylised and controlled than the master, with balanced compositions that are evenly weighted within a psychedelic sway. The bright colours and symbolic shapes  are a response to the work of the Melbourne Graffiti Artist, Beastman.

There are three series on display, which include Dark Phoenix in his early figurative work, Metamorphosis with bold kaleidoscope images, and The Pupils that are playful surrealist pieces. Each has a resolute and confidant result.

“I love eyes and the emotion” Fielding


The figurative works are portraits of people he has met through performance art. Most are oils painted with limited black and white palettes and thick strokes. They are dark, moody and emotive, coming before his colourful acrylic’s.

The Metamorphosis series dominate the show and draw the viewer into the natural mechanics of the artist’s mind

“In this series each painting is influenced by a problem I had to solve, it was inspired by law of attraction, I couldn’t finish the painting until I solved the problem.” Fielding


The watchful eyes surround the viewer. As they observe the canvas they are being observed. The artist is within his work.The magnetism of the work and the artist draws in a large crowd for his opening night, at Voltaire in Nth Melbourne.

“It’s an Aztec, Egyptian, Modern eclectic feel. It’s very interesting its complex yet simplistic.” Steph (audience)

‘Trained at the South Australia Arts Academy, he refined his own visual and conceptual vocabulary that developed through his focus on the points of intersection between movement and abstract thought.’ Lynda Buckley (Encore)

Fielding is an accomplished dancer and is heavily involved in the performing arts scene. He has also designed and painted large murals and scenery for National Theatre productions. His ‘day job’ is as the Melbourne Football Clubs mascot.

Artist, dancer , Melb FC Mascot
Artist, dancer , Melb FC Mascot

“Physically and mentally I have to be creative every day or else I feel I’ve wasted my time being here” – Fielding.

Nida trained Scott Hollingsworth,(Performance Management) a Melbourne performance artist, spoke about the show and his part in its financial support through Shhh Productions. They got behind the artist and paid costs in the philosophy of supporting local talent.

“I met Josh through a mutual friend and saw his work and thought it was brilliant”Hollingsworth



Photography & Review: A Forward

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