Rich or Chic?

If given the choice, would you prefer to be Rich or Chic?

At the Melbourne French Film Festival, Marguerite played to an audience that was both humoured and pained, by the elite heroine.

“She is absolutely mad, I love it.”

Melbourne French Film Festival 2016, review.

The opening scene is of a young Parisian Opera Singer, Hazel (Christa Theret), arriving at an aristocratic Chateau, to perform at a singing party, where the hostess is the main act.Marguerite Dumont (Catherine Frot) arrives with splendour, after a feast of beautiful voices , she is completely tone death and splendidly off-key. The audience guard their laughter, behind their hands. Her wealth ensures a loud applause and flowers, as she remains ignorant of the farce.

“Did you see her eyes, the loneliness?”

Deceptive plots hatch around her as she stumbles on, in search of truth and love. Her life goes on a wild journey of fun mischief, with rebels that are ‘rich in spirit’.

“Aren’t we free to sing a song about freedom?”

The film is based on the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins. Money may buy praise but not talent.

“Money doesn’t matter, having it does!”

Lavishly shot (Glynn Speekaert), its a period drama set in the 20’s, directed by Xavier Ginnoli. Winner of Best Actress; Best Sound; Best Costume Design and Best Production Design at Cesar Awards.

‘It’s a gift; siting the ruin of unkindness’ MP ‘fabulous &  complete’



One thought on “Rich or Chic?”

  1. Unusual coincidence that these two films are released so close together. They might appear to be very similar but in fact are quite different. Drop in for a read of my review of both films.


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