French Sunday at Como House

‘Festival de Melbourne Francais’ at Como House

Como House,  opened it’s doors for ‘Paris to Provence; Festival de Melbourne Francais’ this weekend. Festivities were in full swing to celebrate French culture. 

French Flags fluttered in the breeze as crowds enjoyed music, food, wine and sunshine. It was a Como Party in modern times. The old Armytage family may not have hosted the event but their house reminded us that they lived, as grand as it is, it’s rather homely. A bit like France.

imageDemoiselles paraded  in the spring heat wave.

It is unlikely that such an event would take place on a Sunday in Paris, as everything closes down on the Christian Sabbath. Sundays in France are days to write postcards as nothing is open. Melbourne was once like this. 

The tragic events of the Black Friday massacres in Paris did not intrude or hinder the celebration of everything French.

imageChampagne flowed, music played, children painted, little girls danced and small stores sold imported quality products.


French miniatures of Provence life were imported, they not only display village life, they also have a historical reference. Families and business’s would have them out on display at Christmas, as their version of a nativity scene.


“During the French Revolution they were not allowed to show Nativity displays so this is what they created instead” Eliza explained

Music and sand sculpture engaged the queue that crowded into the historic mansion. 


The French have coped with wars, revolutions and starvation in the past but they continue to celebrate the joy of life. Fear is the enemy. 

Lucky there was a lanky, wise cracker to amuse the crowd.


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