Shoot from the Hip

‘The concept was so fascinating and unexpected.’


Set up like an ‘old school’ radio show, Shoot from the Hip is an original work with actors playing multiple characters and reading directly from scripts. It was like sitting in a radio station and watching the show as it goes to air. It even included a band and advertisements from sponsors, sung like jingles.

‘The voice is an actor’s greatest tool and these three definitely used theirs to the best of their ability! Very impressive to witness!’

The actors did a fabulous job, playing multiple characters and using a range of voices. These weren’t subtle alterations, there were sex changes, smooth accents and rich tonal textures. The talent and work required to manipulate the voice in such a way is highly impressive.

‘They reached a large and varied audience with great success’

An age range from 13 to 40+enjoyed the show, it was great to see teenagers laughing at sophisticated jokes .

‘It just goes to show how great the writing and performances were.’ 

Starring: Ivy Latimer, Charlie Sturgeon and Cassie Vagliviello
Written by Justin Cheek
Designed by Sarah Tulloch
Songs composed by Ashleigh Southam
Directed by Jeremy Rice

REVIEW BY Alannah Woods

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