Banoffee; Melbourne’s ‘IT’ Girl

Singer, songwriter Martha Brown alias Banoffee, has a lot going on. Last years debut self-titled EP made it certain that 2014 was back to back, with national and international tours, including Byron Bay’s Splendour in the Grass, New York’s CMJ and Melbourne’s Sugar Mountain Festival. Currently, she is taking a break in Paris before she returns home for her October tour and the launch of a fashion line.


It’s an exciting  and busy time for our local talent. Melbourne Press spoke to her, she was effervescent and warm, with an intelligent direction.

“ I wanted to make music that satisfied me.” B

She has incorporated R & B, Electronic and Country Music into her work.

“I love the story telling of country music , I wanted to combine a couple of genres together to express myself and that is how Banoffee came about.”B

Ninja was the first song that she released which explores the turbulence of the love hate relationship we have with ourselves and with others.


“I don’t want to do this pop thing where I pretend that I’m happy and do all these things that I’m not. So I write about something that is personal. Ninja is quite metaphoric.Some of it is about a relationship; but its mostly about, our relationships, as humans, with ourselves. How we beat ourselves up and can be our own worst enemy. It’s to help and try to overcome the dark feelings and dark times and turn that inner critic around….Lets stand up for ourselves” B

Her current releases explore and experiment with vocal techniques.

“I like to play around with freezing and make more dynamic sounds with vocals, I have a lot of fun using the pedals on stage and in recording.”B

‘Banoffee’s interests in creativity and the arts has made her an increasingly sought after style figure’

Banoffee is releasing a 10 piece clothing range in November under Melbourne Fashion lable, Pageant (Winners of 2015 Tiffany & Co Award). It’s a summer range inspired by all the tracks on the CD.

“I like to have fun with my style, going out is fancy dress for me. The main thing with fashion, for me, is to have fun and be comfortable.”B

Many of her film clips and photo shoots feature her neighbourhood in Clifton Hill. She is nurtured by her personal surroundings and influential sister, Hazel. The internet has favoured her.

“It a medium (internet) you have no control over, It’s the luck of the draw. When I first released Ninja, I was with a small record label but they worked very hard for their artists.They did a really good job at spreading my music through places like Soundcloud.”B

This is her time to shine but she’s no ‘flash in the pan’, pop princess. Banoffee has a tenacity and is a genuine artist

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