Songs & Legends

27 Club


Five minutes into the 27 Club and pure pleasure has melted the cold and tired, of the winter night. Zack Anthony Curran, Keane Fletcher and Andrew Kroenert are a trio of unearthly talent. Each rising star is gifted with a voice that resonates with the complexities unique to Joplin, Winehouse, Cobain, Hendrix and Morrison. Even ‘Jimi’ plays a mean guitar.

IMG_3802The lighting is low to blur the division of space and time. Music greats are resurrected for a final concert at the Butterfly Club. The full audience cheer through the dark atmosphere and there is a vitality within the gloom of deaths dreary fate.

We are taken on a tour into the past through layers of visual and sound texture. The vocal range is staggering and those privileged to see the show were treated to a fully packed hour of entertainment. Although the songs showcased their voices, it seemed that there was still ‘more in the tank’.


Mackenzie Spencer & Andrew Strano


“I’m a story junkie, I think it’s the way that we communicate our experience as humans.”

Before heading to London, Australian songwriters  Strano and  McKenzie Spencer showcased their concert at Chapel off Chapel with a line up of singers including, Fem Belling (West End) , Mike McLeish (Keating) and backing musicians.

Next stop is The Edinburgh Fringe to perform and then onto clown school at École de Gaulier in Paris. As a writer and lyricist  Andrew Strano did a cabaret double act for a few years, parodying existing musical theatre numbers.

“He churned them out about once a week for a year for a live TV spot. That his boot camp”.

Strano enjoys the feed back of a team. His contemporary style of slapping down the lyrics with artistic haste and intuition before polishing it, into a tight, clear honest work allows him to play writer and editor.IMG_3832

“People only get to hear a lyrics once. It’s not like poetry, where you can take another sip of your cognac and swill the words around in your mouth as you read and re-read them. They have to be understood on the first listen.”

The audience chuckle and giggle, the line up and presentation would appear formal and professional, if the sound was turned off one would imagine the audience to be listening to the classics. In truth, it’s a tale about a cheap ticket on Tiger Airlines that comes with unlimited complications, all of them hysterical and relatable.

‘There is no need to join the mile high club because they will f### you right here, on the ground’ (sung beautifully)

“My favourite bit of writing is that initial rush after having the idea where you beat out the song, knowing where it starts and where you want to finish, placing the building blocks. Where you put the puzzle in place – plotting all of the boxes running down and across. After that, you start building up the clues for your crossword puzzle – brainstorming. Every single idea should go down on paper free and easy with no desire for perfection.IMG_3827

The hard bit comes after that. The nitty-gritty of actually fitting the clues you brainstormed into the structure you created

I go nuts for the structure! I love it!”

The show is a tasty serve of life told with heart and humour, very Monty Python,

‘Always look on the bright side of Life’.



‘Legends is a rolling comedy medley, juxtaposing traditional themes and stories with modern day realities, highlighting the irony that is human behaviour and beliefs.It was an eclectic performance that perfectly suited its venue with a smooth transition from skit to skit, character to character”

Jess Terry

‘Lets find 50 reasons to stay with your lover.

Do you support each other? Laugh at eachothers jokes? Create children? Enjoy a gourmet breakfast? (very Melbourne) Borrow a kidney? Co-write books?

Not enough you need 50!’

The show is a wacky look and our beliefs and myths in everyday life through playful comic interactions that are clever and insightful.

An interview with the creator Harley H Hefford

Screen shot 2015-08-02 at 10.51.50 PM

“Earlier this year, a few different people expressed interest to me about making a sketch show and I realized that I knew enough talented people to put a show together. I called my friend Carly Milroy, with whom I’ve done several comedy shows and know I will have a great time making theatre with. Carly and I called an official meeting of comedians! It was quite a serious meeting.

From there, we ended up capturing the interest of Chris, Tom and Elliot three other enthusiastic comic minds. From the beginning, one of the exciting things about this show is that all five of us bring quite a different perspective and skill set to the table.

We began by working out what united us, and that was probably a desire to create sketches which put character first .The audience forms a relationship with the characters and learns about their motivation and worldview, rather than them just being vessels for a premise or punchline.

On the other hand, it’s been a nice compromise between some of us with more avant-garde ideals and some with more presentational comic backgrounds. I sincerely feel that we’ve ended up with the best of both worlds, the intrigue of the former and the presence of the latter.The theme is myths and legends, yet the show has a contemporary flavour and touches upon the current climate of the world.

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