Raw Talent

What do the Opera Singer, Alannah Woods; Golfer Luke Mills and Actor Charlotte Watson have in common? They are young, keen and talented. IMG_2710 


Alannah is a Music Graduate,currently learning the craft of Musical Theatre, there is a pure clarity in her voice that can move strangers to tears. Her first taste of the Art was listening to Phantom of the Opera. Despite early bouts of Asthma she plunged into her artistic metamorphose with sheer will and purpose. She refused to take medication in order to protect her voice

“Do you want to sing or breath” Doctors asked her.

IMG_2705_2“Sing” Alannah answered

There is nothing like an obstacle to rise a human to new heights, Alannah worked out a voice friendly medication and moved forward. Her voice is remarkable. She is from the remote town of Albany WA and yet she knows of two other young Opera singers that have emerged from there.

“I just love the feeling I get when I’m singing and the joy it brings to other people”


Luke’s office is the Victorian Golf Club, come rain or shine he is on the course. He flew in from WA three years ago to join the Australian College of Elite Golf, his handicap at the time was 3, it is currently nil. He has been under par and finished the course with 68 strokes thrice.

Luke has stripped down to his underwear and taken the odd dip in the lakes of Perth courses, when funds were tight and he needed balls.

Born in England, his father was soccer pro and played for Chelsea. He loves golf and is moving forward into the professional sphere.He is currently considering the sponsorship options available to head to Asia in 2016 for the Tour School. He is keen to turn Pro, it’s in the blood.



Charlotte is starting that rocky path to stardom. She has graduated with a hand full of high distinctions; she just has to play them right.

She aims to emulate the cool chic of actors like Kate Blanchett and John Malkovich; she adores their talent, intelligence and work ethic. Her heart sways between drama and comedy but she is singularly drawn to quality.

For four years she was involved with Theatre Sports.

She loves her Art and has ordered morning coffees in drag, for a play of course!

She has performed in ‘The Just’,’ Metamorphosis and 12 Knights. Her teeth are cut and she is ready to bite.

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